Thursday, 5 June 2008

What I Did On My Holidays

Before I went away, I did a spot of emergency dog-sitting. This is Woody. I love him. I really miss having a dog but our contract doesn't allow pets, and we only have a tiny yard and no grass, so it wouldn't be fair right now. One day, though.

Then it was off to sunny Barcelona, mainly for Primavera Sound, to see lots of good bands and eat lots of tacos in the lovely Parc Del Forum by the sea...

...this was one of the smaller stages. I like that you can see boats in the distance. It is all very picturesque. And there is no mud anywhere.

Tim Harrington's crowd forays were the big highlight, even though he got sweat on my arm. His swimsuit was fantastic.

And this guy was just a bit good. You don't get massive bronze cats just anywhere you know.

I like that there are snogging figures on a church. Looks like they were trying to do sudoku and got bored.
And then there was a bit of messing about on a lake. I got a wet bum. But it was all good fun.

The flight was delayed on the way back by two hours. Which wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't got it into my head that we flew at 8 a.m. rather than 10 a.m. Oops. So we arrived 4 hours earlier than we really needed to. Oh was a nice sunrise.

I came back to find I'd had some writing published at The Pygmy Giant. It's something I'd been trying to write about for a while, and I'm glad I did it.

And then I went to Sh to see how everyone was getting on, only to find this!

Hopefully Jenn is sleeping with one eye open.


Jenn said...

Hurrah! Welcome back!

I realise I am now 'in the doghouse'.

emma said...

Don't worry, when you go away I am turning the whole thing pink.

sally cook said...

What about both things now... Pink. And brutal.

A sinister, pink library. Oh yes.

Welcome back from holidays, Emma. Lovely, lovely Barcelona.


Jenn said...

Pink! Grrr.

Next we'll be having swirly fonts, and glittery musical trails for the cursors.

I really shouldn't be giving you ideas, should I?

emily josephine mcphillips said...

woody looks like a super dog.

emma said...

Thanks Sally. I agree, Barcelona is truly lovely.

Emily, Woody is definitely a super dog. He is coming to visit on Wednesday. We are going on a park date.

Jenn, hmmm swirly fonts, eh? Any holidays planned in the near future?

Jenn said...

I'm never, ever going on holiday ever again. Not ever.