Monday, 30 June 2008

I Had A Good TIME

Saturday night was the launch of TIME, our second TTO book. It went surprisingly well, considering the amount of wine that was consumed. The ‘official’ write-up should appear here over the next day or so, complete with photos of the evening and a bit of ‘buy our book’ spiel, so I’ll just say I had a brilliant time and it felt like everyone was having fun, which I hope is correct.

I finally met Jenn Ashworth in the flesh, after working with her on Sh for what seems like ages now, but has only actually been the past two months. She tried to start fights with at least ten of my friends. I like her a lot. She did a reading of a story she’d written earlier that day, under mounting pressure from us to comply with the Time theme. It was brilliant, and everybody laughed a lot. She definitely stole the show.

Jenn brought along Sian Cummins, whose story Gap Years would have fitted in perfectly with our theme. Sh contributor Duncan Cheshire popped across from Nottingham, too, so it was nice to meet him in real life. Jenn had never met him, either, so it was all a bit like a big strange blind date. In a good way.

Afterwards, we did some dancing. It was very good dancing, I might add. Luckily there are no photos of that, though.

And then I wowed Jenn and Sian with the coffin chute behind our house, and the promise of late night ‘body truck’ action. I forgot to mention the R.S.P.C.A. though, so I think they were woken pretty early by the sound of a hundred howling dogs. Oh well. Hopefully they’ll come back for the HOME launch in August, and at least then they can bring earplugs.


Jenn said...

I never heard the body truck, I was dissapointed. But it could have been drowned out by the hounds of the baskervilles you've got going on next door.

I had an ace TIME. Thank you for inviting me. Will be back in August, I promise.

emma said...

Excellent. I promise to show you the hooks in the cellar next time, to make up for it. xx

Jenn said...

Show me? I want you to hang vegetarian or at the very least free range and organically farmed items on them, and then photograph them for me.

My MA needs your input.

Your cellar is 76.6% better than mine.

I heart the time travel opps

I heart wine


Nik's Blog said...

Good to hear it went well. I'll try to make the next one, if you'll have me.


emily josephine mcphillips said...

very glad to hear it went well.
it all looks and sounds quite exciting :) x

emma said...

Jenn, it might be just onions. But I'm not going down there alone. That Take-away man might still be down there, and by now he'll have gone feral.

Nik, thank you. Yes, definitely come to the next one. It will hopefully be a smasher.

Emily, thank you. It was. i think the wine made it more so.