Monday, 16 June 2008

Another ramble about my dream superpower of being able to stop Time

It’s almost two a.m. and I am not one bit tired, but I know I have to go to bed very soon so I can get up for work tomorrow. I would really like to stop time right now and do more writing, and maybe drink some pop, and do a bit more writing, maybe for this, or maybe just in my special notebook. Then, after a while, I would probably think about swans again, and re-read this and then this, and still laugh at the part that goes

“He is not going to press his trousers in front of a swan.”

Then I would probably think for a bit about the time there was a swan in the road and it stopped the bus and caused ‘traffic chaos’. That was a good time. Then I would think happy thoughts about this and get excited, and not just because there are biscuits in the photo. And then I would probably practise reading my TIME stories out loud and roll them round in my mouth for ages. Then, I think I would feel satisfied that I had packed in all I wanted to do, and I would start Time again, and head upstairs for the cosy loveliness of bed.

1 comment:

Biff said...

I couldn't get to sleep last night. Not one bit.
Maybe you were emitting some kind of timey force field or something.
If it can affect me two floors up, think what that kind of power could do if you harnessed it.
Harness that power Emma, harness it. And then teach me how to do it.