Thursday, 19 June 2008

Time Travelling with John Hegley

I am going to be telling stories with John Hegley on Saturday. John Hegley is famous. I am not. I enjoy telling stories, though. Even though I am quite shy, it is strangely nice to tell stories to people, and have them listen and hopefully enjoy the listening part.

I am probably going to only tell one short story. But I think that will be okay. Biff and Nathan are telling stories also. We are billed as “Time Travel Opportunists”, which makes us sound a bit more exciting than we actually are, maybe. It’d be good if we could travel through time. Other people will be doing poetry and music. I think it will be a good night. The pub it’s happening in is The Brunswick, which is an old railway pub that serves Real Ale and has its own brewery. It also has a million tiny rooms full of railway pictures. In some of these rooms it feels like it is still 1901. It used to be my local pub, when I was lucky enough to live in one of the railway cottages. I loved living there. There was a walk behind the row of houses that instantly transported you back to the turn of the century. I might go and sit on the bench there beforehand, and let myself drift back. I might pretend for the rest of the night that I am from a different time, and do it as an experiment, and see how it all feels.


Jenn said...

how did it go?

emma said...

It was fantastic! He is very excellent! Biff did a good write-up here, my favourite bit is when he rightly describes us as

"...a weird uncle with nice presents at Christmas."

Good old Biff.