Thursday, 25 February 2010

Day 86 of #100days: "It's our time down here."

I couldn't fit Data on the page, so I had to glue on a bit more page.
I could watch The Goonies every day and still not get bored.
The Goonies got played a lot on the old Ferguson Videostar.

Day 85 of #100days: "Where we're going, we don't need roads."

Good old Marty McFly. Good old Michael J. Fox. Good old time travel. Bad Libyans.

Only 15 days left now. It'll be weird when it's all over. Maybe all the Hundred-Dayers can celebrate March 10th every year as a new holiday: "Better Person Day". A hundred days is nearly a third of a year. And I appear to have spent most of a third of a year cutting up books. I'm not sure what that says about my chosen profession. I do know I find it very therapeutic, though. And quite fun.

Day 84 of #100days: "Help me Obi Wan, etc"

Everyone's favourite princess... Leia. Even if she did snog her brother.

Day 83 of #100days: Ouch

...continuing with the video theme. I like themes. Themes are good.

Day 82 of #100days: "I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen."

That old Ferguson Videostar got me reminiscing about all the videos I used to watch and love. It only felt right to make a paper cut-out John Cusack, from possibly one of the greatest "music" scenes in any film, ever.

Day 81 of #100days: ferguson (killed the) videostar

Day 81 saw a call out from Hundred Days HQ for video. I briefly entertained the idea of doing some kind of stop-motion wizardry, but I'm nowhere near tech enough, and the Mr (who could probably do that kind of thing with his eyes closed) is in Italy, so I came up with a plan B: a paper representation of my beloved old Ferguson Videostar, in all its toploading glory. Ah, Ferguson Videostar, how I loved thee.

Day 80 of #100days: toy o'clock

At work I was sent a link to a site called Toy-A-Day, for half term activity ideas. It's brilliant. There are so many that I want to make. There's even a template so you can design your own.

This book-cut was inspired by these toys. (I still appear to be pilfering.)

Day 79 of #100days: giraffe o'clock

Still not quite over Homage Week, I decided to jump on the giraffe bandwagon with this giraffe for the ace one million giraffes site. If you're not busy you should draw one too, help a guy out.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Day 78 of #100days: Homage Week ends (with a biscuit-eating robot)

Last day of pilfering! I'll be sad to see Homage Week go. I've thoroughly enjoyed it, and have even been plagiarised myself. Thank you Emerson! As a fitting end to this homage business, I decided to revisit 100 tiny moments from my past, present and future. Last time, I went back to my past, so I figured this time I'd head into my future.

This is me in the future when I'm a robot. The best part about being a robot is, I have extra long arms, which are excellent at doing that thing that Mr Tickle did, i.e. wriggling off downstairs to get a biscuit while Mr Tickle (now Robot Me) stays in bed.

Thoughts on The Future:

1) I'm glad they still have biscuits.

2) I hope my robot arms are retractable.

3) It's quite nice that robots have beds.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Day 77 of #100days: TV Party Tonight!! (Or maybe just a bit of a party and then a potato.)

This is my homage to Greg Wohead's 100 Days project, whereby he's tweeting a play every day.

The TV Party

(My housemates and the Mr. are on tour and I have the house to myself, so, what normally occurs under said circumstances is I have my own dance party in the living room. Today, not unlike other such days, I decide I am the front(wo)man in Black Flag.
[This is totally in keeping with the homage theme.] I get quite excited about having a TV Party, tonight.)

Me: (“sings”)We’re gonna have a TV party tonight.

Me: Really?

Me: Yep.

Me: What are you going to watch?

Me: Err...Glee.

Me: And then?

Me: Just Glee. Then I’ll eat my jacket potato and probably go back upstairs and work some more on my novel.

Me: You definitely know how to party.

Me: Hmmm.


Day 76 of #100days: For the love of knives

Not quite sure who or what this is an homage to...maybe to knives? Or maybe it's just to the One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person project as a whole, and to everyone involved. Yeah!

(And I think that bit of positivity qualifies me to be plagiarising Toni/Missyaggrevation and her promise to always see the sunny side. Ace.)

Day 75 of #100days: Sharks Patrol These Waters

For Day 75, I thought I'd have a go at Benjamin Partridge's Random Article project. He's writing/was writing a daily story based on Wikipedia's 'random article' button, pressing it once and then sticking with that article, whatever it happened to be. Instead of a story, I decided to stick with my book-cutting, which I am really enjoying. But it meant I had to cheat a bit, because the first few articles I got were either towns in Poland or lists of political candidates.

Based on the wikipedia article:, as generated by the random article button.

Day 74 of #100days: Kaffi

This is my homage to Angela Fernihough's 100 Days of Coffee. Coffee is good. It's definitely helping me with all this catching-up.

Day 73 of #100days: Hat Trick homage

This one was pilfered from think tank toybox.
"I will read a book for at least 20 minutes a day, for 100 days."
This was even more of a cheat for me because it's something I do every day anyway. I can't stop myself. This would normally be quite boring to illustrate, but luckily the book in question was Missing Kissinger by Etgar Keret. I was spoiled for choice, but in the end decided on the story Hat Trick. Look at the bunny. Isn't he cute?


Day 72 of #100days: Homage Week begins

Josie’s mission for days 72 to 78 is to pay homage to other 100 Days projects. Hooray! I’ve been dying to nick some of the other hundred-dayers’ ideas. First up is my homage to 100 tiny moments from my past, present and future.

From my past. This is when I saved River Phoenix from that lion by singing to it. I forget the song. But it really chilled the lion out. Then me and River went and had breakfast, mostly fruit.

(I admit, this one might have been a dream.)

Days 60 to 71 of #100days: Excellent news, a b*stard cough, and cut-out rockets

I’ve had some quite ace news, in that my story Proxy, which was nominated by kill author for the Dzanc Books Best of the Web anthology actually made it in! Woop! It’s a bit unreal. Some amazing writers are going to be in it. I’m chuffed to bits. I can’t wait till it comes out.

To celebrate, I did something that Dzanc Books would probably not approve of...

I had an unexpected breakthrough in my novel, too. A part of the plot that I couldn’t quite get to grips with has thrown up its own answers, and it makes everything make lots more sense. Phew. I was getting ready to chuck it in the bin. I tend to have these Eureka moments while I’m fuzzy-headed with colds/cold medicines. I wonder if there’s a certain part of the brain that’s only activated when I’m ill. Or whether it’s more to do with most of my brain shutting down and letting the story part just take over. I do have some great fever dreams. Which makes me think it probably is the latter. Handy to know...

This is a catch-up post, so I'm only going to put my favourite book-cuts from these 11 days up...

and my favourite...

The theme has been And coughing.