Monday, 15 February 2010

Day 77 of #100days: TV Party Tonight!! (Or maybe just a bit of a party and then a potato.)

This is my homage to Greg Wohead's 100 Days project, whereby he's tweeting a play every day.

The TV Party

(My housemates and the Mr. are on tour and I have the house to myself, so, what normally occurs under said circumstances is I have my own dance party in the living room. Today, not unlike other such days, I decide I am the front(wo)man in Black Flag.
[This is totally in keeping with the homage theme.] I get quite excited about having a TV Party, tonight.)

Me: (“sings”)We’re gonna have a TV party tonight.

Me: Really?

Me: Yep.

Me: What are you going to watch?

Me: Err...Glee.

Me: And then?

Me: Just Glee. Then I’ll eat my jacket potato and probably go back upstairs and work some more on my novel.

Me: You definitely know how to party.

Me: Hmmm.



green ink said...

I haven't seen Glee yet - lots of people have been raving about it. Does that make me sad?! ;)

emma said...

No. I tend to steer clear of things people rave about, but Glee...Glee rocks! Watch it you must.

annie clarkson said...

Yea, but Glee is brilliant, no?

emma said...

Glee is very brilliant.

Amanda said...

I love Glee too! Also TV Party - now you are stirring some very good memories there! ax

Greg Wohead said...


Also, I love Glee.

emma said...

Glee - the best thing about Mondays.