Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Day 78 of #100days: Homage Week ends (with a biscuit-eating robot)

Last day of pilfering! I'll be sad to see Homage Week go. I've thoroughly enjoyed it, and have even been plagiarised myself. Thank you Emerson! As a fitting end to this homage business, I decided to revisit 100 tiny moments from my past, present and future. Last time, I went back to my past, so I figured this time I'd head into my future.

This is me in the future when I'm a robot. The best part about being a robot is, I have extra long arms, which are excellent at doing that thing that Mr Tickle did, i.e. wriggling off downstairs to get a biscuit while Mr Tickle (now Robot Me) stays in bed.

Thoughts on The Future:

1) I'm glad they still have biscuits.

2) I hope my robot arms are retractable.

3) It's quite nice that robots have beds.

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