Thursday, 3 December 2009

Day Three of Eitt Hundrað


Not the greatest day for creativity, although I did get to play with the staple gun at work to make an "advent-Christmas-tree" type thing for a display in the junior library. It was a little bit creative. Not very. So I decided to finish the day with a hundred word short. (100 words including the title.)

And We Swim Right Into The Middle

We’re caught in this swamp, that isn’t actually a swamp. The water is still clear, but overhead there are hundreds of branches, like brambles but without any thorns or green, just wood, like there is some kind of basket being woven above our heads as we try to swim our way out of here. It’s the kind of place there would be crocodiles, and as soon as I think this, I start to panic. I want to be back where it’s just a river. I want to be out in the sun again.

And in case you didn't notice, my Icelandic words for today are One and Hundred.

End of Day Three.



Jessica said...

Hi - I have nominated you for a blogger award over at my blog,

Jessica :)

Anonymous said...

Aah, blog awards ... the heroin of the blogosphere. Unless you're me and you never get them LOL

Love your blog, Em.


emma said...

Eeek! Thanks Jessica!

Kirby, you're a dark horse. Didn't even know you had a blog, let alone three! Guess it must be pretty quiet on the Enquiry Desk. Hmmm.