Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Days 20 to 24 of #100days: Wrapping, Rasputin and Wellington Dreams

Siobhan from wigglymittens very kindly made me a couple of Rasputin stickers. I spent more time than is probably healthy posing Rasputin around the house. I think he looked most at home in with my peace lily, though. He looks a bit like a jungle explorer.

I finished off my robin cards, wrote a bit, did some very creative wrapping, and marvelled at the lovely snow whilst wishing for wellies.

And I learned some family words:

mamma (mum) pabbi (dad) foreldrar (parents)
systir (sister) bróðir (brother)
amma (grandmother) afi (grandfather) barnabarn (grandchild)


green ink said...

Oh my, he actually DOES look quite in his element there!

Both my peace lilies have died on me! How do you keep yours alive?!

emma said...

Plenty of water, but then not too much - it's a fine balance, and I lose leaves through overwatering all the time. Once a week in summer and once a month in winter seems to work, though.

Here's to a green-fingered 2010! xx

Siobhan said...

Yay! Rasputin looks good lurking in the plant! Glad you liked the stickers! x