Sunday, 4 October 2009

Geometry and The September Project

For September I set myself a writing project, whereby every day I would find a photo and then write a few sentences inspired by it. The idea was to stop myself before I ran away with one idea over another. Hopefully, I'll be able to go back to each piece and pick up where I left off. I know there are a few that have the beginnings of longer stories. I've still to read over them all to see if there's a pattern. I'm sure there will be a pattern. I've been noticing the rhythm of my writing a lot lately. I need to write more and experiment more (in my writing) to see if my theory is correct, though. So, watch this space?

Good news for October is Ben has re-started the excellent blog How Men Make Love In The Twentieth Century, and was nice enough to ask me to contribute a story, which I did, which you can read here. The brief this time was, "a story inspired by geometry". Ben's own story, Perspective, is beautiful. You need to read it now. Thank you.


annie clarkson said...

I've been enjoying your september project. A lovely idea, I thought, there were some lovely little pieces of writing.. fresh.

Love your short story on 'how men make love...'

emma said...

Thanks Annie. I'm looking forward to reading the fruits of your October Bootcamp. xx