Friday, 9 October 2009


I'm a winner!!! My story made it into Even More Tonto Short Stories!! And I am in damn good company! Hooray plus many many more exclamation marks. I'm just going to have a little run around now, victory dance maybe.


Col Bury said...

Congrats, Emma.
I'm drinking champers!
Regards & respect,

emma said...

Cheers Col, and congrats yourself! I've had to settle for pop, but I'm pretending it's champers!xx

emily josephine mcphillips said...

that's well good emma! x

Biff said...


Bob Jacobs said...

Congratulations, Emma :-)

And I'm sure someone from the writing group I went to last night said she's going to be in it, too. Small world indeed.


The Divine Mr. M said...

Hi there and congratulations.

I was flicking through the blogs of people who had won and saw you're from Derby which is where i am and thought i'd say hi.


emma said...

Cheers lovely people.
Bob - I love "small world" things.
Divine Mr. M - "Small world". And Hi.

Wet Ink said...

Congratulations, Emma! Looking forward to reading your story!

emma said...

Thanks Sue. Ditto. xx