Thursday, 5 February 2009

I *heart* the Afghan Whigs, and childhood songs with "boom" in them

One of my jobs at the library is to check all the DVDs that have been reported faulty. Which basically means I have to watch random parts of films that I wouldn't normally choose to watch. The worst thing is when someone says it messes up at the end, because then I have to watch the ending, and if it's something that I might have wanted to see, then it's ruined.

I was busy at my task the other day, and I had to check The Aristocats, which yes, I saw as a child a long long time ago. When the lawyer, George, makes his entrance, he sings a song that goes "Tararaboomdieee", and the second I heard it, I had a really vivid memory of me and my sister singing it for quite a hefty chunk of our childhood. I'd forgotten about it, and didn't realise that's where it actually came from. It just made me think about all the crazy tunes we keep in our heads, locked away and forgotten, and how just hearing it again brought back memories I'd lost.

I've written before about how certain songs can evoke different periods of your life, and how we imbue songs with our own meanings and let them become part of us.

I have a short piece about one such song over at Laura Hird, where issue 20 is up and ready to read.

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