Thursday, 26 February 2009

Hello Hubmarine #2

This Saturday is the second of the nights previously known as rhythm and blue/TTO, or TNPKARABT for short. Hello Hub is a bit easier to say, though.

At this one, Chris Killen, author of The Bird Room will be reading from said book, and will also be bringing a touch of the Euro Party to the proceedings. As will Socrates Adams-Florou, author of Flesh Feast: The Human Brain, and lover of chicken and pies and The Future. They will be joined by the illustrious Sian Cummins, who will be reading a story she may or may not have found on the walls of a toilet. (Warning! Please don't show her your pants. She got more than an eyeful on her last trip to Derby and we don't want her thinking that's all Derby has to offer.)

Spreading the poetry out and about will be Leicester's Steve Rooney, winner of the Derby Slam, and defender of white van drivers. He's very bloody entertaining. And we have a penultimate farewell from Michael Frearson, who's off in a few weeks to walk up mountains and wear more silly hats and find the secrets of the universe.

There will also be some short films (we might even have an actual screen this time instead of a curtain, who knows?), and some music.

It all kicks off at 8pm at The Big Blue Coffee Co., on Sadlergate in Derby. They serve booze as well as coffee, and there are always lots of cakes to choose from. What more could you ask for from a FREE literature night?

Come on down!

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