Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Pensive Paws

I came up with a great name for if someone was making a film about some dogs that were in a band. The band of dogs could be called The Pensive Paws. One would need to wear glasses and be all thoughtful. Maybe the thoughtful one would be a Border Collie - they’re pretty smart. If anyone wants to make this film, you can have that for free. Also, email me, I have lots more ideas about films starring dogs, more than you’d even believe.

I held Even More Tonto Short Stories in my hand yesterday. I haven’t had my author copy yet, so when it came into the library with the other new books it made me completely giddy for the rest of the day. I went to get my phone to take a photo but when I came back it had already been checked out! I don’t know how writers keep it together when they have a whole book out. I wanted to do cartwheels and everything. And not even sweary “I live in a shed”-lady could dampen my spirits.


Anonymous said...

Hold on, your book is in our library system? That's brilliant!

P.S. Dogs in a band? Only you Emma! I love it.

emma said...

There need to be more(some?) films about dogs in bands.

Anonymous said...

Can we hear more about Sweary "we live in a shed" lady?