Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Day 57 of #100days: The what what tree

A sort of tree. Some grass.


annie clarkson said...

love it... what are you using to but the pages? does it take very long?

Jenn said...

I love it too. But I worry you're getting carried away and the next time you go to work, you're going to turn up at the library with a tool-belt full of stanley knives and a 'i won't be messed with' expression on your face, before heading for Local Studies.

There's nothing more naughty than ripping up books!

Especially Local Studies ones.

Anonymous said...

Shall I send some of our withdrawn stock?

I love them!

emma said...

Annie - I'm using a craft knife with a dull blade at the moment. Straight lines are fairly easy, anything else, not so.

Jenn - You're exactly right. I am getting carried away. Every time I go past the Encyclopaedias a bad voice whispers "go on, you can make them pretty." And there is a dinosaur book on the withdrawn shelf that would just be brilliant in 3-D, but I'm holding off for now. It's hard, though. It winks at me every time I go past.

I would never touch the Local Studies section, though. Never!

Toni - do not encourage me! And don't tell the Big Guns on me either. I am perfectly happy with a couple of (shockingly cheesy) Mills & Boons.