Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Pay It Forward

A while back, Annie Clarkson blogged about kindness and the gesture of Pay It Forward. She had been a recipient and was Paying It Forward to three people who would then Pay It Forward to another three people and so on...random kindness expanding out to (hopefully) infinity.

So, a few days ago, a parcel arrived in the post. It was addressed to me, but I was baffled by what it could be. When I opened it, still half-asleep, I pulled out all manner of amazing things. Beautiful Flax postcards, tasty chocolate lip balm, the Brace anthology(Woop!), a very pretty notecard and some gorgeous vintage buttons.

(my haul - thank you Annie!)

(the buttons and notecard 'artistically' arranged)

I'd forgotten all about Annie's offer, which made receiving the gifts even more wonderful. Presents are great at the best of times, but unexpected presents, totally out of the blue, well, you just can't beat 'em.

So now it's my turn to Pay It Forward. If, at some point in the future, when you least expect it, you'd like to receive a package from me, leave a "yes please" in the comments box. I'll send something to each of the first three people to say yes. Even if you live in Timbuktu. The only stipulation is, you must agree to then do the same for three other people at a later date and blog about it.


Aimee said...

'Yes Please'!

This is wonderful, reminds me of the random acts of kindness...erm...act! Things like this lighten the world and make the sun shine a little brighter. In a word: Wonderful.

Amanda said...

Yes Please!

How fantastic, i love pressies, i remember you give the best ones.

Bob Jacobs said...

No thank you! There are people more deserving than I. But it's a great idea. I might give forward anyway.


emma said...

Okay, so that's Aimee, Amanda and Suzy(via facebook). Ace. Not sure if I have your snail mail addresses, so could you email them to me? Then forget all about it and at some point in the near(ish) future a surprise package will arrive.

Bob, you are very noble. Thanks!