Sunday, 17 August 2008

Jealous of Outdoor Walkways

I watched a lot of Grand Designs yesterday. I used to watch it all the time, but gave up when I realised it would be a good long while before I would be building my own house. But it was on yesterday, and it must've been Grand Designs Day or something, because episode followed episode followed episode. It was great. It was grand.

I live in a rented house. I will be living in a rented house for quite a few years to come. I like the house I live in. It's three storeys tall, old and rickety, and it has a lot of heart. It is also next to a funeral parlour. The funeral parlour is an amazing building. It has outdoor walkways connecting parts of it, and loads of adjoining buildings and secret bits.

They have CCTV cameras, so I've only ventured into the yard once. I got a close up look at the coffin chute, and also got to see the side of our house, and all the flowers that are growing on the walls of it that I never knew were there.

I think if the funeral parlour was a house, it would be great to live in. Our house used to be part of the funeral parlour, but I don't think they did any "dead body" stuff in it. The owner just used to live here. I think.

I'm thinking about home a lot. We are putting HOME together tonight, so we can print it this week and hopefully get it all bound before the last minute, this time. We'll see. There's a lot going on. But I think it will all be okay.


emily josephine mcphillips said...

your house is much more exciting than most!

Jenn said...

Yes it is.

And Emma - you forgot about the blood-red, sound insulated concrete room, and the hooks in the cellar. You are underselling your house.

I would buy your house without evening thinking about it. Even in the 'current climate'.


emma said...

I would buy my house if it ever came up for sale. I would happily bankrupt myself. And then I would move the toilet out of the cupboard and put it in the bathroom. I'm 'crazy' like that.

Jenn said...

No - leave the toilet in the cupboard. I don't want to watch people wee while I am lying about on your bathroom settee reading great tomes of literature.