Monday, 11 August 2008

Captain Casio

Tomorrow I am doing writing at a summer school. I think it will be fun, but I am also a bit nervous. I’ve had to come up with a superhero identity. My superpower is the ability to stop time, obviously, so my name had to somehow reflect that. The best I could come up with was Captain Casio, though I’m not even sure Casio make watches anymore. I think they are all about the keyboards nowadays. Oh well. My costume, I think, will be a clock worn over my normal clothes, just like Flavor Flav. I think he’d be okay with that.

It’s taken a bit of planning. There is a tear in the space-time continuum scheduled for 11:20 am, or thereabouts. I hope 8 year olds are still cool with suspending disbelief. I’m a bit worried they might just see it as a chance to have a cigarette break.

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