Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Knack

I have not done any internet writing lately. I have done shedloads of in-my-book-with-a-pen writing, though. It has been great. It has been a bit fantastic, actually. I thought I had lost the knack. I was worried the stories had all deserted me. But they were just waiting for me to get away from my computer. I will remember this next time.

Sh went quiet. In part, I think, to let people catch up. Fifty chapters is a lot to read. But two weeks is long enough and there’s a new installment, finally. You can read it here.

There’s been lots going on behind the scenes at TTO, too. Fierce’s book launch is a week on Saturday. The proofs are being printed on Monday, and we will be binding it hopefully that night.

Then on Tuesday it's a trip to Leicester for Drew Gummerson’s Me And Mickie James launch. I think that will be a fun evening. I think, also, that there will be free wine. Which is always good.

We are piecing HOME together, too. It’s still open for submissions till the end of July, so if you have a story/poem/collection of words loosely based on the theme 'Home', then send it to
home [at] You know you want to.


Jenn said...

Hello Emma. I am back. I am sorry I have neglected our Sh baby.

I hope it isn't dead.

I have 'kick started' the Sh renaissance with three new chapters.

I think I got carried away.


emma said...

Hi Jenn. I think we narrowly escaped being reported to Social Services. Luckily, baby Sh was sleeping soundly the whole time.

I like the sound of war. We might even 'appeal' to a whole new demographic with this one.

Good to have you back.