Thursday, 15 May 2008

Good Thing Frenzy

Gosh! Today has been a day of good things.

First this, which further elaborates on the Great Bourbon Cream Disaster of last week.

Then this...

2) Librarians are an odd bunch (I believe we’ve established that time and again in this blog!) They like to write about themselves as a profession. They’re often quite glib, or very very depressed about it. And they’re often quite isolated and alone about it, which is what makes Sh…, an interactive blog novel about a bunch of fictitious library workers, so interesting. If you liked “The Librarians”, or even “The Office” (probably more the UK version, not that awful Yankee ripoff) you might very well enjoy a peek…

...Our very first Sh 'review', from LiberryDwarf, which made me a bit giddy when I read it.

And then this, a very lovely and kind review of our first TTO chapbook, Coffee.

I am grinning.