Friday, 21 March 2008

If i popped up in the seventies i would wear a bandana that read Peace 'n' Love

I want to curl up into a ball so that I am so small I am invisible to the human eye. I want to disappear completely, and pop up in another place and time, and be a new person, with new ideas about how things are. As this new person, I will march through streets with purpose, I will stop and sit on benches and say Hello to other people. I will be brave and outgoing and never feel nervous about anything.

I will wear a bandana that reads Peace ‘n’ Love. It will tie at the back of my head in a knot, and the ends will dangle down my back like two fishes, and they will dance together and seem as though they are trying to swim away, but they will never really go anywhere. Except where I go. Even on the days when I forget I am wearing a bandana and get into the shower with it on, they will dance under the warm water until it runs cold, and they will pretend they are salmon, or trout, and try leaping upstream, but they still won’t really go anywhere. And I will spend the day with my back damp but it will be hot outside, it will be summer, and so having a damp back will be quite a pleasant experience. So I might even purposefully wear my bandana the next time I take a shower. I might never take it off again.


sally said...

'popping up' is a great expression. I love the idea of just 'popping up' in the seventies and carrying on and living and doing normal life stuff. Yes.

I am going to do pylon work tonight. I really am. I feel disappointed that I haven't done pylon work yet because I have thought about it a lot and imagined what I would be doing, if I was doing pylon work. But tonight I will really do it.

emma j. lannie said...

I am glad you did some pylon work. The gigantic photo weirdness is funny. It makes me giggle when I look at it. If it wasn't so wonky I would suggest keeping it as it is.