Monday, 31 March 2008

An hour passed in a second

So last night the clocks went forward. We had a Time Travel Opps meeting, and holed ourselves up in Biff’s room at the top of the house, waited for 1:59 am. In the hours that preceded that particular time, we managed to get the final edit of Coffee done, practised reading our stories out loud for the forthcoming launch, read each other’s new stories, wrote a silly paragraph-each-then-pass-it-on story, drank lots of coffee, and wine, ate crisps and houmous, and listened to Tom Waits.

When the time came around, when the clocks hit 1:59 am, we started to write. From 1:59 am, the time skipped forward to 3 am. An hour passed in a second. And we got to leap through time. We wrote through this leap. We wrote messages to be recovered in Autumn, when this hour that we loaned to Summer is returned.

I know nothing really happens. Nothing vanishes or reappears. But it feels like it does, and it’s nice to imagine that an hour is popped in the post to be delivered back when the nights are getting darker. I really love thinking about things like this.


emily mcphillips said...

Aw, this is lovely :)

emma j. lannie said...

Thanks. Imaginary time travel is an old favourite of mine.