Friday, 22 February 2008

Dead Friend Poets Society

My friend likes the moon.
A lot. Or maybe just quite a bit.
But his likes are irrelevant.
Once, we convinced ourselves that our other friend was going to die.
But our other friend didn't die. He just went to France for a bit.
We wrote obituaries for him while he was away.
We imagined he was not "just doing a bit of decorating".
We imagined he was being held by "sex people".
It was a long week.
In fact, I think it was two.
He came back with tales of painting and of doing woodwork.
I think we were a little bit disappointed.
But we were also glad he wasn't dead.

Anyway, my friend who likes the moon has made a website.
It is about the moon.
It is about "all things moon".
We are both pissed off that we missed the eclipse last night.
Clouds are okay sometimes.
But not when you've stayed up till 3 a.m. to see the lunar eclipse.
I have written a story for it.
I love Wikipedia.
And the moon is quite nice too.


sally said...


Thanks very much for liking something on my blog. I like lots of things on your blog. I think I will come and look at it often, the way people with blogs look at other people's blogs and think how good they are and then want to write good things too, even though before they came to have a nosey about they didn't think they could be bothered to write anything right now, actually.


emma j. lannie said...


I have written a few things on your blog now, but this comment seemed lonely so I wanted to reply to it.