Thursday, 6 December 2007

Bourbon Tasting Day

Every time I go into the kitchen I get really excited about the Bourbon tower. The count is currently up to TWELVE different varieties of Bourbon Creams. I just looked at the tower when I went to get some pop. Every time, it makes me think: I could REALLY eat a Bourbon right now. We did originally have doubles of some packets, but they didn’t last long. We are now down to one packet of each kind. And we have to save them for Bourbon Tasting Day. On Bourbon Tasting Day, we are going to be giving each kind of Bourbon marks out of ten in various categories. The categories are a closely guarded secret, i.e. we haven’t made them up yet. One thing we do know is there will be two sets of experiments - dry Bourbons and dunked Bourbons. I’m really hungry for Bourbons. I really hope Bourbon Tasting Day is this weekend. I hope it is tomorrow

1 comment:

Biff said...

I think it should be soon.
We should bring down the Bourbon tower soon.
It is gaining too much power.
It is taking over the house.
It must be stopped.
We must categorise.