Friday, 23 November 2012

Illuminated IS Everything

A few weeks ago, I was invited to submit something for the final Beat The Dust of 2012. The story I sent was partly inspired by Quad's Illuminated exhibition, which I urge you to go and visit if you're anywhere near this little city in the Midlands. I'm slightly obsessed with this exhibition. I can't quite figure out what it is about it. It might be the dark inside the gallery. And how you can sit on the floor in a corner, or on a cushion in the middle of the floor, and just think about things, undisturbed. Yes. It's a good space for thinking. And it's also been responsible the last three stories I've written, and will probably spark a few more yet.

Intermission, the story I wrote for Beat The Dust, begins in front of the work Brilliant Noise, by Semiconductor, which is a film made from thousands of NASA satellite photos of the sun. The picture above is a still from it.

So, when Quad put a call out for local musicians, poets, dancers and actors to create new work as a response to the exhibition, I knew I had to send in a pitch. I'm no musician or poet, but as some of you may already know, I am a fantastic dancer. So...anyway...I will be reading a story/monologue this very evening, inside RINK, a floor-based projection by David Ward, which includes imagery from astronomy and particle physics. It's my favourite place in Derby right now, apart from my bed. There are bits where you can pretend you're on the moon!

I don't have a title for my story yet, and it's a little bit different to things I've done before, but I am very excited about it. Fellow TTO compadre Biff is also doing some of his music as Emphemetry. I only found out Biff was involved yesterday. Sneaky TTO takeover, YEAH!

It's only a short event, probably no longer than half an hour, and it starts dead on 7pm. And it's free, but spaces are very limited, so you'll need to book a ticket.


Anonymous said...

Em this exhibit looks truly exciting and the event too, and it's still on when I'm in December, yeay!

lindsey said...

hiya, i’ve just nominated you for the sunshine blog award :)