Monday, 4 May 2009

Word Soup Is Better Than Alphabetti Spaghetti

I'm very excited to be reading at Word Soup 2 in a few weeks. It's the new live lit night in Preston that the very busy, and incredibly talented Jenn Ashworth has brought into existence. It will be nice being on her home turf for a change. I hope she's arranged a dawn chorus of howling dogs for me, though. I wouldn't want to get homesick.

The line up is great. Annie Clarkson, David Hartley, Andrew Michael Hurley, Richard Hirst, and Tim Woodall will all be there, doing good, nay excellent things with words.

I can't wait!


Riversider said...

I really enjoyed your story at Wordsoup Emma.

It was chilling, deeply erotic, yet thought provoking, testing the interface between our emotions, our bodies and our technologies.

I'll look out for your work in future, as you were undoubtedly the star of the night.

kim mcgowan said...

Thank you for your exquisitely read story Emma. I became so wrapped up in your voice it was as if I were the only person listening (which is probably just as well, given what I was imagining!). Best wishes, kim

emma said...

Thank you both for your incredibly kind words. Despite being terrified, I really enjoyed reading, and thought the whole night was brilliant. Thanks again,
Emma xx