Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Eye Contact

I have a new story on a site I really like. It's all a bit weird and serendipitous, because I wrote this story the night before I got a lovely invite to contribute, and while I'd started on another story to fit the brief (a story without an authorial voice), this other one was still in my head. I interpreted 'no authorial voice' as the story having to be interior monologue/direct interior monologue. Which I think it is. Mostly. But maybe I'm talking bollocks and it's just a story and I shouldn't be thinking too hard about these things.


hubcat said...

Hey .Just read the 'new story' . Can't believe I can actually read blogs now. Hurrah ! Am still in biting finger , contemplation mode. it was ace. Loved it.

emma said...

Cheers. And that's excellent news. No more stupid DCC internet-blocking for you! xx