Monday, 23 March 2009

Of Bloomers and Bins

I've got a new story up at 3:AM Magazine today. I got some of the "bread facts" for it from my Saturdays working on a bread stall when I was 13. Oh those bloomers, oh those farls. I was too young to know anything of the secret language of gestures back then. The only thing I knew for certain was I was going to marry River Phoenix. (I still maintain that it was his untimely death, rather than my lack of action, that led to this never happening.)

Today was a Good Day at the library. The high point was trying to explain to a lady that Google were not photographing her house that very second, despite it being "blue bin day" and the blue bin being out. She wouldn't have it, and told me she was going to go home, move the bin, and have another look on Street View. Then she'd know for sure. It kept me smiling for the rest of the day.


xTx said...

dropping by to say I loved your piece in 3am.

The secret messages never spoken by mouths.

I've had far too many. Most, miscontstrued...unfortunately

Nik's Blog said...

Cool 3AM story, Emma. Congrats!


emma said...

xTx, cheers. And I know exactly what you mean, unfortunately.

Nik, thank you!