Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Let There Be (Tea)Light(s)

I'm writing something big that I am excited about. It's making me wish I could stay home from work and kick everyone out of the house and change my body clock so that my day starts around 4pm and ends with a 7am bedtime. If I were a lady of leisure, then I would definitely be nocturnal. But then I would miss out on the new and fantastic characters one can only encounter as a public servant. You couldn't make it up.

Special things are happening at my library tomorrow, though. (Apart from the multitude of weird traits and ticks.) To tie in with the National Year of Reading's November theme of "Live Lit", we are holding a storytelling/poetry event at the library. If I can breathe through my nose, and if my voice stops croaking, then I'll be reading a story. I'm quite excited about it. I'm excited about buying the cakes and wine, and about having actual naked flames in the library(if Health and Safety deem this acceptable), and about having poets and writers doing readings in the space that's normally reserved for the One Week Loans and the table with the leaflets. Hopefully, all will go swimmingly, and no firemen will have to be called out.

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