Saturday, 11 October 2008

Bill Gates

Today I put my toes under the shutter as I was closing it. I wanted to see if it would hurt. I stopped the shutter before it pressed on my toes too hard, though. I chickened out. I wondered about the strength of the shutters. I wondered if they would crush an aluminium can if it was stood underneath them. I think they would. I don't think they could crush a brick though.

The shutters are white and they have a key with a sticker on so you know which key matches which shutter. You have to hold the key and twist it, or else the shutter won't work. You can't just put the key in and leave it. You have to oversee the task at hand.

I always get the Indiana Jones theme in my head. It's a good theme song. But it sticks in my head a bit too long. Sometimes I'll pass it on to other people. It only takes a few bars. It makes me smile when I hear another person humming it. I feel like I have accomplished my mission for the day.

We can't just leave the shutters half-way, like they do in some places to HINT to people that the place is closing. It is a public safety issue. The shutters must not be touched until all members of the public have left the building. I have a daydream where I start closing them when people are still inside. In the daydream, all panic breaks loose. It is great. There's a mad scramble for the door with people belly-sliding underneath the shutters, feet-first, head-first, arms outstretched in front like Superman. And I'm just there with the key, turning it, laughing.

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