Thursday, 4 September 2008

September the Fourth

Home is coming together. The tiny map envelopes will hold the Home badges. I can't find any Home-themed biscuit things as yet, though. At the minute, actual home is weird, because Biff is in the process of moving out. This has been Time Travel House for such a long time, from when TTO was just a record label and Biff and The Mr were screenprinting, badge-pressing, racket-making maestros. And then I hijacked the name, deciding TTO should have a small publishing imprint, and convinced Biff and Nath that we could take over the world. So Time Travel House changed, became a place for stories and binding and bone-folding, a place of stamps cut from erasers and flower paper torn into deckle-edged rectangles. This latest incarnation is one that fits with the character of the house. I'm sure some tasks will undoubtedly be 'outsourced' to Biff's new pad, and I'll be sad about not hearing the crunch of the badgemaker through my bedroom ceiling, but the core things, like the Mythbusters sewing circle and the walk-round-the-table collating will always be part of this old house. So i think things are going to be okay.

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Biff said...

It was strange, and often awkward, having things outsourced to my new house. Me being forgetful. Me recently being a victim of Dunbar and his numbers. But we got there.

I was looking out of the window this morning and it felt different from looking out of the window over the last few weeks. There was more space. And I could feel ideas bubbling like beans on a low heat. It is early.

I will record the badge maker crunching away and loop it round and fill a cd with it. Maybe witht he odd stop here and there for a swear.

I am going to take some photos of the new book now to put up on the internet. Maybe before I go to work.