Wednesday, 31 October 2007


So I have decided on my title. It is the title of a Hundertwasser painting. I like Hundertwasser's paintings. (My spell check kept trying to suggest “thunderstorms” just then. I like them, too.) My story is going to be a bit about doing gardening, although definitely not in an Alan Titchmarsh kind of way. It will be about a man who starts doing gardening because his life is empty. I am not sure why he doesn't just join facebook. Then his life will be full of “friends” and he can play Scrabulous to his heart's content. But I am glad he doesn't take that path, because then it would be quite a boring book to read. Unless you were an avid Scrabble watcher, and I doubt there can be too many of those. Scrabble is a game you have to participate in to get any enjoyment from. I'm quite sure that's a fact. I know I hate it when it's not my turn. I can't be the only one. If I'm getting near the end of the month and the word count is lacking, I could make him join facebook, though. As a last resort. That can be my safety net. Phew. I begin at midnight tonight!!!!

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emma said...

I have stolen this title for my current novel instead. It fits it a lot better. The gardening novel is in a drawer. It will probably end up as a short story one day.